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Virtual Reality


Virtual reality can be used to diagnose and treat a lot of diseases like phobias and anxieties using exposure therapy.

It also helps healthcare professionals to learn new skills in safe environment and perform surgical training without any risks.

VR is also used for the treatment for PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), pain management, surgical training, phantom limb pain and brain damage assessment and rehabilitation.

Virtual Reality takes medical lab and equipment design review to the next level.

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VR helps in reducing employee injuries and ensures safe training by simulating workplace environment.

It is used to review workflows and streamline benchmarking process.

It increases collaboration between designers and clients.

Virtual reality also creates better products for customers.

VR is also used to carry out complete QA checks and manage risks.

It plays a significant role in maintaining compliance and visibility through training protocols.

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Virtual reality is a great way of learning for students as it engages them, makes them comfortable and generates greater understanding.

It can also present a large volume of complex data in a simple and easy to understand way so that learning can be fun for students.

VR lets students virtually visit the locations that they are not able to visit physically, making their field trips easy and fun.

Virtual campus visits make it easier for students to go through the campus virtually before choosing the college.

VR technology also enhances distance learning courses.

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Architecture, Engineering
and Construction

VR helps to carry out thorough design reviews and demonstrate the designs to clients in a way that they easily understand them.

It also establishes effective collaboration with multiple users to enhance decision making.

Virtual reality reduces project costs, as virtual mockups are used instead of physical mockups and improves efficiency and productivity.

VR enables quick switching between design alternatives and multiple environments.

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Media and Entertainment

Publishers of magazines can develop apps that give their subscribers the ability to view related videos and 3D models of images in an article. AR can also be used as an innovative advertising channel for print publications that want to compete with digital media.

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Augmented Reality can be used to reduce the complexity of a manufacturing company’s maintenance and service operations. Technicians can be given AR apps on their smartphones to guide them during their maintenance tasks.

Quicker service and improved inspection processes

Reduced errors and enhanced documentation of work processes

Non-specialized technicians can be quickly trained

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