XR Studio provides the best quality rendered photo realistic images for visualizing the final product without actual product being produced. We recognized that the jewelry industry is still lacking reliable, high-quality and cost effective service to offer online stores the best solution to represent their products through a more immersive visual experience. We provide the jewelry industry with expertise in creating highly realistic computer generated images. With our extensive experience in jewelry design, we produce the richest and most realistic images of diamond and gemstone jewelry.

We provide photorealistic images, videos, interactive videos and Augmented Reality as a part of our service to the jewelry industry. Augmented Reality being the latest technology as a virtual try-on to experience the look and feel of the jewelry on your body before it is actually made. While interactive animated video can be implemented to the website which makes the jewelry easy to display.

Augmented Reality

XR Studio also adds latest technology, Augmented Reality to the jewellery industry which brings a whole new evolution for customer experience. Augmented Reality will help customers in getting a complete realistic experience of the jewellery ring on their finger. This will definitely add a wow factor to your brand and stand ahead from other competitors.

  • Trending Technology

  • Latest technology in the market with a lot of buzz around.
  • Makes your brand technology adapter and be a crowd puller.
  • Complete Realistic experience

  • Get live experience of the ring on your finger
  • Ring, necklace and earings can be shown through augmented reality.

360 CGI Renders

xR Studio provides completely realistic 360 CGI renders, which gives a 360 view of your jewellery just with the effort of swiping across the screen.

  • Easily operated

  • Just swipe left-right to view all jewellery from all angles.
  • Best for online selling.
  • Easily shareable

  • Easily configured to your website.
  • Shared across all the social media platforms.