The education industry has historically been a little slow to embrace new technologies. Although the Educational Technology space is quite large, finding traction in cash-strapped public schools especially as been difficult. Sometimes, though, a technology comes along that is so clearly a watershed moment that the whole world stands up and takes notice. Virtual reality and Augmented Reality are one such technology, and it’s making inroads into every aspect of education.

From the top levels of higher education to amateur video tutorials, VR is quickly becoming a vital component of how we learn. Augmented Reality is also very much used for students in learning body parts, alphabets, animals and lots of other things, while for industrial purpose it serves as providing support and learning mechanical components.

For Industries

Training for the employees and support to the customers using virtual and augmented reality has become a new trend in industrial space.

There is a rapid growth in industries providing training using Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

Creating a highly realistic virtual world and training the employees, drastically brings down the cost and provide a simulative training.

For Students

By bringing a simple color book to a live 3D animated models increases the fun factor for the kids. Augmented Reality will play a vital role in education for all sections of schools.

Kids can gain knowledge about the character they are coloring. Animations, sound and text are used to make kids love education. Puzzles,crosswords and mind games also help kids to sharpen their mind.

For medical students, AR for human body will help them know better about the body. While for engineering students, various machine parts and their functions can be shown augmented. Virtual environments for both will give realistic industrial feel.